Signing Process

How to Sign and Verify Messages Using Bitcoin

A little-used functionality is the signing and verification of a message using Bitcoin. Signing and Verification of messages using bitcoin has many uses, identifying the ownership of an address during the sale of cryptocurrency, using your addresses as a method to verify that is you writing content, etc. The tool we will be using for […]


How to Trade on ForkDelta – A Quick Guide

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency landscape has changed drastically, and there has been a boom of Decentralized Exchanges. One of the most famous decentralized exchanges in cryptocurrency is EtherDelta. However, the quality of EtherDelta has been subpar compared to more modern exchanges. Members of the EtherDelta Community came together and used the smart contract […]


Tutorial: Creating a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Hardware wallets are a great protection for your cryptocurrency assets, however there are many points of failure with the additional attack vector of the hardware wallet itself. A good alternative or backup resource to follow hardware wallets is a paper wallet. A paper wallet is a wallet that goes back down to the bare roots […]