Thailand Bans Banks from Operating with Cryptocurrencies Until New Regulations Are Approved

Thailand has been taking important measures to regulate the cryptocurrency market. This time, the central bank has issued an order that orders banks and other financial organizations to stop all operations with digital currencies. According to a local news source, banks are not able to invest in cryptocurrencies, selling them or having any relations with […]

Christine Lagarde
ICO Investing

IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde, Says Cryptocurrency Regulations Are Inevitable

The cryptocurrency world has been increasing its presence in the society. Initial Coin Offerings have also been expanding as well as different cryptocurrencies. Enterprises, businesses, investors and individuals have been involved in this exciting market. Governments have been analyzing it trying to decide whether to implement regulations or not. International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine […]


Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance to Reduce 70% Fees Until February 24th

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, announced today February the 9th, that users will see trading fees reduced 70%. The exchange has been upgrading its system after technical difficulties that resulted in significant delays. This would allow Binance to attract new cryptocurrency traders and investors that search lower fees while trading. Binance Reduces […]

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Australian Banks Will Not Ban Cryptocurrency Purchases

Australia gives some good news to the cryptocurrency market. The most important Australian banks confirmed that they will not prevent customers from buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards. During the last days, some banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase or Citigroup, have decided to ban cryptocurrency purchases with credit cards. Australian Banks Not Against […]

Bitcoin ATM

First Lightning Network Transaction on a Bitcoin ATM Has Been Performed

More countries are starting to install cryptocurrency ATMs. This allows the cryptocurrency world to keep expanding and reaching new individuals. But now, the first Lightning Network Bitcoin ATM has been developed by an Austrian start-up known as Coinfinity. Lightning Network ATM Coinfinity is an enterprise that provides Bitcoin and cryptocurrency solutions and it is based […]