The latter half of 2018 to now has been an interesting time for Electrum Users, as they have battled a large number of phishing attempts taking advantage of the announcement in Electrum. A quantity of about 1000 BTC is known to have been stolen, with more coins being seen cleaned everyday, bringing the count higher.

Recently, Chain Analysis company, Clain, released an article reporting their findings in tracking the stolen coins. They were able to break down the thefts into two “rounds” believed to be conducted by two separate groups of hackers. 

The first round is believed to have started around the end of December which concluded with the theft and cleaning of around ₿637.44 which is estimated to be worth around $2,478,366.72 at the time of the theft. Post-theft the coins were swept into one address, then subsequently converted in small increments on the MorphToken Platform into Monero. It is believed this hacker has successfully converted around ₿431 into Monero. 
The second round is currently still ongoing, beginning in February, with an estimated  ₿372 being converted into Monero via the decentralized exchange, Bisq in increments of < ₿1. This round of phishing thefts is currently ongoing with the number of stolen coins growing each day. 

This source for this article was Clain’s “Electrum Phishing Attack” article. Clain is “a back-end engine for uncovering bitcoin network activity and providing insight on bitcoin actors.”