Signing Process

A little-used functionality is the signing and verification of a message using Bitcoin. Signing and Verification of messages using bitcoin has many uses, identifying the ownership of an address during the sale of cryptocurrency, using your addresses as a method to verify that is you writing content, etc.

The tool we will be using for this process is the ReinProject/Bitcoin-Sign-Tool which you can download here. It is a tool that can be run online or locally. In this case, we will be doing everything locally, as that is the safest method.

There are two aspects to this process, Signing and Verifying, Signing is where you use your private key to sign a message which you can Verify using a the address, message, and signature.

Set Up Environment

Download the Zip File here, extract the Zip file and open the index.html via your browser.

How to Sign a Message

Signing is a simple process, it can be done in 3 steps.

  1. Enter Your Private Key in the Private Key Box
  2. Enter Your Message
  3. Click the Sign Button

Signing Process

Verifying Your Message

To verify your message, click the signed message tab on the verify page.

Then paste your message.

Verify Message