Over the past year, the cryptocurrency landscape has changed drastically, and there has been a boom of Decentralized Exchanges. One of the most famous decentralized exchanges in cryptocurrency is EtherDelta. However, the quality of EtherDelta has been subpar compared to more modern exchanges. Members of the EtherDelta Community came together and used the smart contract backend of ED, created their own frontend to work and create a better user experience. They called this site ForkDelta.

Here is a step by step guide on how to trade with ForkDelta using the MetaMask method. Which is one of the safest methods to use dApps as your private key is not directly interacting with the site.

1. Install MetaMask
MetaMask is a Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave browser extension that allows dApps to run on your device without having to have a full Ethereum node running on your computer.

Installing MetaMask on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera is as simple as clicking the install button on the respective browsers.

2. Go to ForkDelta
Going to the right website is imperative, the URL is https://forkdelta.github.io
Which you can use the URL above
or click here

3. Deposit Ether to Your MetaMask Wallet
Click on your MetaMask extension button and deposit to your Ether address.














4. Add the amount of Ether into the ForkDelta Smart Contract
Use the deposit button the left-hand side with the amount you would like to deposit.

Once you have deposited to the contract and the transaction has confirmed, you now have that balance to trade and play with.


5. Next, you can use your balance to purchase whatever token you would like

6. Now you can click the withdraw button to remove your funds from the smart contracts and add them back to your wallet


7. Celebrate, Like and Share

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