LitePay Ceases Operations In Preparation To Sell

The Litecoin Foundation announced that LitePay has shut down all operations related to the project in preparation to sell the company. The Announcement In an announcement posted yesterday, which The Litecoin Foundation addressed to the entire Litecoin community, they stated that they regrettably had to announce the closure of LitePay. They go on to say that Continue Reading

Is Ethereum too Centralized

Centralization Problems for Ethereum Ethereum is the technology behind the Internet 3.0, an internet of value where value can be exchanged as quickly as information online. It’s accolades are many, but is it too centralized? While most cryptocurrencies are still in the speculative and theoretical stages, Ethereum is already running hundreds of functional use cases Continue Reading

Walmart Works with Blockchain Technology to Control Shipping

One of the most important retail corporations in the world, has filled a patent that seeks to utilize blockchain technology in order to create a smart package delivery system. The information was released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) the last Thursday. Walmart Works with Blockchain Technology The application released informs what a Continue Reading

Japan Ready to Use Solar Power for Cryptocurrency Mining Activities

One of the most important concerns about cryptocurrency mining activities is that they are very power consuming. Indeed, most of the crypto mining farms located in several countries are taking important resources previously used to power industries or cities. Additionally, this activity consumes more energy than many countries around the world. As of January, the Continue Reading