Last week we got the opportunity to speak with Philipp Schulz from TV-TWO.

What is it?

The team calls TV-TWO a “television ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain”. Essentially it is a platform for users to use their Smart TV’s to earn cryptocurrencies, allows content creators to earn cryptocurrencies when users watch their content and gives advertisers the opportunity to better target their audiences.


The founders Philipp and Jan met in 2016 while working for an advertising tech start-up. The company was acquired by Teléfonica Germany in mid-2017. The guys decided to launch their own platform after discovering that Facebook and Google were both looking to expand into TV. They researched the market and discovered that there are approximately 700m Smart TV sets active across the globe, and TV networks had not really noticed its potential. Jan and Philipp decided that this was an opportunity worth exploring.

After some idea development, their vision became to connect Smart TV’s across the globe to the Ethereum blockchain to reinvigorate broadcast TV for the digital age by finding a way to connect advertisers, content creators and viewers and have them all benefit via their decentralized value chain.

The Content

A thought that I had, was that with the massive demand for original content on platforms like YouTube, and many really brilliant creators not really being promoted by YouTube, TV-TWO could really take the reins here and pull users away from the platform. Philipp agreed and mentioned that their biggest advantage is that while Google/YouTube optimizes their business to satisfy shareholders, TV-TWO is optimizing their platform for utility towards users and video producers to maximize the token value. He believes that while content creators won’t stop uploading to YouTube, they will start bringing their audience over to TV-TWO because each view will earn them more than on YouTube. In the medium term, they also hope to create exclusive partnerships which would further strengthen their platform.

There will be no geographic restrictions on TV-TWO, however, it will be initially limited to English and German, and as they progress, more languages will be added. You are also able to set up multiple profiles for users within their app on your TV, allowing things like parental controls to ensure that the content that your kids are exposed to is what you’re comfortable with.

I asked Philipp about the types of content that they hope to bring to the platform, and whether it will be open to content such as vlogging and tutorials as well as movies, series, and documentaries. While it has not yet been implemented, the team would like to have token holders vote on content guidelines for the platform to develop a balance between freedom of expression and a positive user experience.

I think that this is a fair approach, and you really do want to cater to the broader spectrum of viewer as opposed to allowing any content to be uploaded. I really do hope that TV-TWO takes this approach.

How it works

The three main groups to benefit from their platform are Viewers, Small content providers, and Advertisers.

  • Viewers get to watch a personalized TV channel.
    Viewers are rewarded for watching sponsored messages.
  • Small content providers get to make it to the Big Screen.
    Small content providers can finance videos with their earnings.
  • Advertisers achieve transparency over their expenses.
    Advertisers get to use their first-party data for TV campaigns.

When raising the concern about viewer data being handed over to advertisers Philipp assured me that as a German company they are subject to some of the strictest privacy laws and anonymity was extremely important to the team. He also mentioned that we can accept an announcement on the topic soon.

For content creators, there is a content management tool that TV-TWO provides where content can be uploaded and managed. The first iteration of the app will use a centralized delivery structure through AWS. This is because the team first wants to work on managing the value exchange between viewers, advertisers and content creators.

In the future the team will look at other mediums to add to their platform such as Apple TV, Roku etc. however we have no confirmation as to which might come next, the focus is very much on Smart TV’s for the time being.

How much are the tokens and when can we buy them?

The ICO will commence on 24 April with a 2,500 ETH soft cap, and a 50,000 ETH hard cap. The tokens will be distributed at the exchange of 1ETH for 10,000 TTV.

For more information and to get on the whitelist, go to


I really like this idea, I particularly love the idea of sticking it to YouTube. Philipp and the team sincerely do want to help content creators fund their projects, which is becoming increasingly difficult. Bringing content creators, advertisers and viewers together is a brilliant and elegant solution to finding the balance between the constant spamming of advertising we currently get, (much of it on TV being totally irrelevant), and our desire for new and exciting content. Then there’s the element of earning some cryptocurrency while watching TV. I’m in!