In a post on Medium today, DomRaider announced a partnership with ARCHOS to bring out the Safe-T mini.

The Archos Safe-T mini device will be manufactured in France and will be coming in June 2018, starting at €49.99 or around $62.00.

This is around half the price of the Ledger Nano S and covers all of the same features and most currencies too.

Its main features are listed as:

  • Generates and stores a private key locally on the wallet
  • Executes all operations on the device itself.
  • It keeps addresses of all transactions on the wallet.
  • It creates a backup of private keys that is recoverable if the device is lost, stolen or broken.
  • It has an embedded screen for ease of use.
  • It restrictively requires manufacturer software on the device while setting-up your PIN code and a recovery seed key.

Basically all of these features are covered on the Ledger and Trezor, however, screens of the software portal/apps have not yet been released, so it is yet to be seen if it is as easy to use as the Trezor or Ledger.

Archos isn’t a globally known brand but seems to be reasonably well known in France. The write-up on Archos as delivered in the Medium article by DomRaider is:

This is quite exciting and I think that it will be interesting to see more hardware wallets enter the market, which hopefully will push for more competitive pricing and more innovation too!

The Safe-T will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress and will be available from June this year.

Do you think that we need more competition in the hardware wallet sector? Would you try out the Archos Safe-T? 
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