Hirai, an important contributor to the Ethereum project on GitHub, having made over 5000 contributions in 2017, has left the team citing that EIP 867 may be in violation of the law in Japan, and possibly other countries.

EIP 867 is a proposal that defines a way of facilitating lost funds on the platform.

Hirai stated that the EIP might be in violation of a Japanese law named the “Unauthorized Creation of Electromagnetic Records” then going on to say that he has concerns that if the proposal is followed in practice, it may constitute a crime.

In his resignation post below, Hirai seems very upset and conflicted about this new proposal, mentioning a mental absence and increased blood pressure readings. It seems clear that he is not taking the decision lightly.


Essentially the law that Hirai is talking about is a law that deals with computer-based fraud, in particular, it is the banning of the unlawful creation of data “with the intent to bring about the improper administration of the matters of another person”. The excerpt and its English translation can be found here.

The proposal was originally blocked by Hirai last week as he felt it did not align with the Ethereum philosophy which was based on the code acceptance process as detailed in EIP 1. He then retracted his original stance and statements saying that he was able to ignore his interpretation of the Ethereum philosophy.

The proposal is led by Dan Philfer from Musiconomi. Last year Muciconomi’s ICO was affected by the loss of 16, 475 Ether caused by a critical code flaw in the Parity Ethereum software client.

Prior to his resignation, Hirai was one of only 6 developers that had the rights to accept software changes on the platform.

Do you think Hirai has made the right decision? Should Ethereum realize EIP 867 or should this be further discussed? 
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