Signals, a new platform with an upcoming ICO which will allow for fast and simple modular cryptocurrency strategy building, has partnered with SafeDX to pre-process and utilize large data volumes from various crypto related markets at high speed.

SafeDX is a joint-venture of Foxconn, the worlds largest contract electronics manufacturer, and KKCG, a private investment group.

The partnership aims to enable Signals to store and process the terabytes of data generated by the cryptocurrency trading market as well as the analysis of media and blockchain monitoring.

SafeDX has generally serviced Europe but has confirmed that is capable of servicing clients in Asia as well. Signals reports that the partnership is crucial for collecting and pre-processing data that is instrumental in making their platform as effective as possible.

This partnership with Foxconn (SafeDX) and with cooperation with Intel will form the backbone of their system and puts Signals at the forefront of assisted and automated strategy development and trading.

The signals roadmap puts a working version of their product out late 2018, so it would be interesting to see what else Signals might bring to the table in terms of big partnerships and initiatives.

Do you think Signals’ new partnership has put the company ahead of competition¬†such as Kryll, Cryptohopper, and Multibot?
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