Coffee Dublin

The first cryptocurrency coffee shop has been opened in Dublin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts that want to spend their cryptocurrencies now they can do it while enjoying a good quality coffee. The crypto-coffee shop accepts Litecoin (LTC) and Ether (ETH).

Crypto Café in Dublin

Cryptocurrency investments have been spreading during the last years. Several places in the world are now cryptocurrency-friendly and some of them base their businesses in cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This crypto-café is the first of its kind in the city of Dublin.

The owner of the coffee shop is Nash Basel, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor. He has been studying the cryptocurrency market and decided to invest six months ago. During this time, he was able to save some digital currencies and sell them at the all time high reached by the market in December.

“I got a bit lucky,” he said.

Mr Basel was thinking about opening a standard café. But then he decided to move towards something that could unite his passion for cryptocurrencies with his business. Influenced by Prague’s Bitcoin Coffee, Paralelní Polis, he finally opened the new crypto-café in Dublin. Coffee Dublin

In the coffee shop there is a Coinbase screen that updates customers with the prices of the cryptocurrencies. In addition to it, there is a sign on the wall with the phrase “Hodl 4 Life,” that is widely used by cryptocurrency investors. Now, the place has become a top meeting point for the cryptocurrency community in the city.

“When you are winning on cryptocurrency investments, you are spending, as the coffee might be less than 1€ at the time; but if you are losing 50 per cent, the coffee might cost you 6€,” says Nash Basel.

At the moment, the Café accepts Ether and Litecoin. These two currencies have much lower fees than Bitcoin. And furthermore, the transaction times are faster than those of the most famous cryptocurrency on earth. With Segwit being implemented by different wallets and exchanges and with the Lightning Network, the coffee store may soon add Bitcoin as a payment option.

Prague’s Bitcoin Café

Another important Bitcoin café is located in the beautiful city of Prague. The city has very distinguishing coffee shops. For example, you can have a coffee at the same place where Kafka was writing his books or where Einstein was debating daily issues.

The Official Webpage Reads as Follows:

“The concept of Parallel Polis can by decrypted by visiting bitcoin-only espresso bar Bitcoin Coffee. Inverted principle of the bar is based on opened and shared manufacturing process. The use of paper honeycombs represents the search for new possibilities of well-known materials. Bitcoin as a currency brings a visitor’s attention to the use of new technologies in practice.”

Paralelní Polis is one of the most known Bitcoin cafes all over the world. In the shop you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies before purchasing anything in the place. As in the Dublin Coffee Shop, the prices can be monitored in real time via a flat screen on the wall.