IOTA Ecosystem Announced

Coming in March, the IOTA Ecosystem will be a platform that houses developers, startups, hobbyists, and initiatives who are working on products or services related to IOTA.


Purpose of the IOTA Ecosystem

The intended purpose of the ecosystem is to establish a home for all IOTA community members who are contributing resources to IOTA. The Ecosystem is designed to allow these developers and enthusiasts to collaborate and learn from each other. Their work will be able to be reviewed and featured and even built upon. IOTA wants the ecosystem to be a trusted environment where resources and developers can be easily identified.

The platform’s main use cases will be for:

  • Educational resources in the form of tutorials, videos, and interactive tools
  • Developer resources including new libraries, modules, and second layer applications
  • Matchmaking organizations and startups with IOTA developers who have the right expertise and reputation
  • Articles and blog posts related to the development of proof-of-concepts, pilots and other exciting happenings going on around the Ecosystem
  • Hackathons and other IOTA Ecosystem sponsored competitions and events
  • Philanthropic initiatives for positive social and environmental impact
  • A landing page for the EDF with a portal for applications and a window into the EDF to make our work completely transparent and accountable (Ecosystem Development Fund)

The Ecosystem Development Fund

The EDF will support all work that contributes to the ecosystem. The EDF promises to be agnostic to industry and geographic uses as IOTA feels that the Ecosystem is too broad of a community to limit the focus of the Ecosystem.

It would seem that IOTA is trying very hard to create an inclusive environment which would ultimately result in more use cases and adoption of the IOTA platform.


Management of the IOTA Ecosystem will be community driven with broadcasted proposals direct voting on the tangle, the larger community will be able to nominate initiatives and make decisions by voting.

As the system grows, IOTA has mentioned that they will call on community members to manage focus areas and also to propose and develop new ideas.

IOTA will also create a program where community members can nominate and vote for new proposals with respect to how the EDF funds are spent.

IOTA has asked members to share their thoughts and suggestions as well as their concerns, and you can do so here.


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