UNICEF launched a new fundraising initiative aimed at gamers to mine for the children of war-torn Syria.

UNICEF is asking gamers and anyone with powerful graphics cards to lend their computing power to help mine Ethereum. The project is called “Game Chaingers. Joining is as easy, as visiting their site, filling in a form and downloading the mining software. It is to be noted that it will only work on Windows and Linux systems, which is fair as Mac’s don’t really have the hardware to do any mining. I do think, however, that it would have been nice to add this functionality in, or even use CPU mining on Mac’s. Normally I wouldn’t make this argument,  but since it is for charity, I would assume that any hashing power on offer should be accepted.

The system uses your graphics card to mine for ETH, which then goes directly to a UNICEF wallet. UNICEF states that it created the platform to engage younger donors as the majority of their benefactors are over the age of 50. The organization is also using the fact that they are not asking for monetary donations, but rather asking for processing power.

UNICEF has officially stated that your computer will not consume more electricity than usual, however, I am not officially agreeing with the sentiment. It is refreshing to see this sort of use for cryptocurrencies in a market that, more often than not is filled with generally negative news, hacks and a little too much greed for my liking. The initiative will continue until 31 March 2018, and you can visit their site here should you wish to participate.