Bitmain, arguably the worlds most popular (or controversial) builders of cryptocurrency mining equipment has officially started accepting USD as a form of payment (again).

Previously, Bitmain went under fire from many of their customers by suspending both Bitcoin (BTC) and fiat (USD) payments for the sometimes less loved Bitcoin Cash.

Bitmain has in the past supported Bitcoin hard forks in order to increase block size, which would allow their miners to add more transactions per block.

This new announcement comes in the wake of large volatility in the marketplace which could mean that Bitmain has shown their hands, and are concerned about the future of cryptocurrency as a whole. Normally businesses that accept cryptocurrencies jump at sales during dips as it allows them to effectively short the currency while waiting for the price to return to its previous higher support, increasing their profits.

Bitmain has also come under fire recently for allegedly running their miners until there is a difficulty increase, and then selling them, effectively selling less profitable devices to the market.