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Bitcoin Accepted here

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Bitcoin is a fantastic cryptocurrency that is associated with various opportunities and advantages. However, holding your bitcoin without using them will drain all of those positives to waste. Surveys done by cryptocurrency experts have revealed that there will be a success of bitcoin as a global online mode of payment if people use it frequently.

What Is Bitcoin Anyway?

Is the first digital and decentralized currency which works efficiently without any single administrator or central repository? Being a peer to peer payment option all transactions take place without any single intermediary. Officially bitcoin was launched in 2009.This makes bitcoin to offer very any unique possibilities that cannot be provided by payment processors.

Over the years, more merchant is integrating bitcoin in their payment processors as it protects most of their customers’ sensitive information. Today being a dynamic word there are various ways in which you can spend your bitcoin online. Despite china and Russia trying to create their own cryptocurrency, bitcoin user’s area increasing every day

Therefore choosing the best way to spend them tend to be a challenging task .read on to discover top five ways in which you can safely spend your bitcoin online

Top 4 Ways In Which You Can Spend Your Bitcoin Online Revealed By Experts 

1) Dell:

Dell is a well-established a multinational company for both computer and technology. Bitcoin was accepted as a payment option by Dell on July early this year.
When buying any product from Dell using bitcoin, you will have an added advantage as you are allowed a 10 percent discount on all high-end PCs Alienware.

2) Newegg:

Are you a gadget guy looking for online stores accepting bitcoin? If yes, then count your back covered by Newegg. Newegg is a giant electronic online store that integrated bitcoin payment processor in 2014.

Since 2014, Newegg uses Bitpay as their central digital currency processor. Newegg is based America, and it specializes I various computer software, hardware and other computer related appliance and accessories

3) Bitcoin gift cards: 

A gift card allows you to turn your bitcoin into physical goods. With Bitcoin gift cards you can use them on top online retailers such as Walmart, Nike, Amazon, and target. In platforms such as Amazon you can shop different type of goods such as computers using the Bitcoin gift cards.

If you have bitcoins and looking for platforms to purchase gift cards you can use eGifter, GiftCardZen, iTradeBTC and Gyft as they have been rated to be the best by cryptocurrency expert .whether you are planning to spend bitcoin UK you can use the above site to purchase bitcoin in turn you can use them on Amazon or Walmart whether in china,Russia or even in America.

4) Dish (buying services):

If you are in the United States and looking for an original way to spend your bitcoin, you can use DISH as it accepts bitcoin. The dish is top satellite service in the United States. This company has more than 14 million Tv subscribers.

DISH has allowed their customers to pay their bill using bitcoin processor since 2014.Using bitcoin processor will enable the company to make more profit. Using bitcoin will enable customers to make payments more safely without exposing their credit and debit card information to possible hacking activities.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Accept Bitcoin

i. Bitcoin sign

You should start by informing your prospective customers that you accept bitcoin. This will help to notify bitcoin owners that there they can spend their bitcoin somewhere, so you should increase bitcoin awareness to drive the customer to your business.

ii. Accepting Payment

To accept bitcoin payment, you will have to integrate various ways such as using bitcoin hardware terminal, wallet address by incorporating QR Codes.

If you are planning to accept online bitcoin on your website, you can employ a programmer to assist you in by running full node on your site.

iii. Tablet or Smart Phone

A bitcoin dedicated app will allow you to make payment s more efficiently as it will generate a QR code which most of the bitcoin wallets accept.

How to avoid fraud when Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Having in mind that bitcoin is an online currency, it is also faced with very many challenges such as hacking. When using bitcoin fraudsters a send fake invoices to your customers thus enticing them to send payments to their bitcoin address.

To protect your customer from hackers, you should incorporate FraudLabs Pro which is a prime system for verifying online risk associated with bitcoin addresses.

Pros of paying with Bitcoin

i. Involved with a low transaction fee despite other online payment options being associated with very high payment processing fees
ii. It allows mobile payments t0 be made easily
iii. All payments made using bitcoin are discrete thus making them anonymous.
iv. Since bitcoin is not governed by any federal law third part interruptions are absent.
v. Due to absence of the third party when making purchases using bitcoin payments are tax-free


With the above information you are ready to, I hope you enjoyed the above article on how to use bitcoin for shopping or even how to buy using bitcoin.

All is left for you to compare different types of bitcoin process and choose the one that meets your desires