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When I was searching for cryptocurrency to some of my cash into, I was really overwhelmed because there are a myriad of different coins to choose from. Each coin has their very own robust communities and active and innovative developers, but I narrowed down a few with so much upward potential, but one in particular really caught my eye, WhiteCoin ($XWC).

From what I have gathered, WhiteCoin is a really solid project that is three years strong. Most coins depend on the community to tell the developers what to do and the developers go a certain direction, but don’t always keep up with what their community desires. What’s interesting is that WhiteCoin actually encourages its community to work hand-in-hand with the developers for innovation.

Apparently, there was a huge spat a three years ago about the direction of WhiteCoin. It was headed by someone who was not looking out for the long term potential of the coin and there was a massive shake-up. Since then, it has been a completely community-driven project. I learned a lot about its potential, about how it’s literally only up from here in price, and some really juicy news they have going for them.

Let’s start with some features


Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonymity as Bitcoin, or better. No personal identifying information is required to create and use Whitecoin addresses for sending and receiving funds. Lately with huge privacy concerns going on with governments and hackers keeping tabs on the public, a coin with strong anonymity is absolutely necessary for its future potential. White protecting the identity of its users, it’s also very much transparent with a ledger so everyone can see the bank history.

Another interesting feature that you see with traditional mining is the fact that computing power really takes up a lot of power usage. WhiteCoin actually uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) so you can generate more WhiteCoin in your wallet without having to worry about spending the same amount that you get out of it on electricity.

Lastly, another important aspect is that WhiteCoin has a blazing fast network that allows users to do WhiteCoin transactions in the matter of seconds. Lately, as you’ve seen with Bitcoin even, transactions have taken hours, if not the entire day.

Next, A Technical Analysis and News

After a strong downward trend, WhiteCoin has bottomed out and it’s only up from here. I would set the first target at 500 sat based on the support of its former peak, but it literally has so much more potential than just its former peak. WhiteCoin was just accepted by in Microsoft Azure Blockchain Projects, so now they have a partnership with one of the biggest tech firms in the world. A 500 sat target is easy for someone with “weak hands”, but coupling its great features, bottomed out price level, and Microsoft partnership, it’s hard to say where this coin will go..

But I say it should go in your wallet.