A blatant problem that has plagued cryptocurrencies since their inception is the huge amount of electricity their networks consume. By nature, these networks require participants to compute a Proof of Work to help secure transactions. However, these proofs of work most often have no intrinsic value. Curecoin presents itself as the solution to this problem.


Eighty percent of all computations performed while mining CureCoin are directed at research, while the rest contribute to network security. Cryptographic mining difficulty using the SHA-256 function is soft-capped by that reward distribution algorithm. Extra capacity on the network is then incentivized to perform scientific research.


Because most computations are not cryptographic in nature and vary depending on the task at hand, a home computer would be able to mine the coin without facing the high energy bill of ASIC farms. CureCoin currently implement a protein folding proof of work and partner with Stanford University to help advance medicine. Performing a protein simulation requires only a fraction of computer power which Bitcoin currently requires.


Investing in the knowledge economy


This modified proof of work has more than simply ethical benefits. CureCoin is a currency tradable for actual research, thus greatly supporting the price of the coin. This makes it a safer investment than most other cryptocoins, making it a good safe haven during bearish periods and marking the price up.


Moreover, CureCoin offers good growth opportunity as the world accelerates its transition to a knowledge-based economy which increasingly values research. It is one of few currencies whose value is positively correlated with advances in computing. In contrast, Moore’s Law has a corrosive effect on security in traditional crypto. It comes as no surprise that the dollar-denominated price has steadily gone up since 2015, totalling over 50,000% return.

As the space mature and awareness grows, we may see even more investors pouring their capital into value-backed currencies like CureCoin.


Your crypto more secure than ever


The cryptocurrency is poised to receive a considerable update in the future, adequately and simply dubbed Curecoin 2.0. It will notably make the coin the first one to implement quantum-resistant merkle signature, giving investors yet another reason to incorporate it in their portfolio to hedge against the long term risks held by other coins.