Aeon, the lightweight mobile cryptocurrency has made headlines once again. Previously the coin made headlines due to its award winning mobile infrastructure beating conventional speed tests. The coin was tested against other cryptonotes such as ByteCoin and DashCoin at a rate of 100:2. Today Aeon is set to make headlines in multiple news outlets, as its mobile infrastructure is likely to be ranked as the mobile currency of the future.

This would not be that large of a story if not for the fact that the alleged news companies in question appear to be Forbes Inc. and Nash Holdings LLC (Owners of the Washington Post). The Forbes connection was announced by Aeon’s official twitter account and the Washington Post coverage leaked by the same anonymous source that in the past gave tips on Floyd Mayweather’s support of Stox and John Mcafee’s support of BCC.   

It’s lightweight chain has made it a high contender for future backing from large holding companies. Its implementation of the Monero framework has garnered some attention from long time crypto investor Lawrence James who predicted the rise of Bitcoin and variable altcoin such as Monero and Dash.

With Aeon making headlines like these, the upcoming value increase isn’t a question of “if,” but rather how soon and how big.


Some Background

Aeon is a digital currency that is designed to be a lightweight version of Monero just as how Litecoin is to Bitcoin. Aeon also makes use of the CryptoNight-Lite PoW algorithm. This PoW is derived from the CryptoNote algorithm on which Monero is based on. So by default Aeon is a secure, private and untraceable coin but with the added benefit of being mobile-friendly and providing much faster transactions. This is achieved with a  1 MB instead of a 2 MB scratchpad which was mentioned at the beginning of the article. The number of AES iterations is also halved meaning it is a skeleton framework which is both secure and without bloat. These changes result in light hash being 4 times as fast as a regular one.


Aeon’s very efficient and compatible PoW  architecture allows its mining algorithm to be efficiently tasked to potentially billions of existing devices. It is not only faster and more compatible with a broader range of devices than Monero it also offers the option for traceable transaction for non-sensitive payments which come with the added benefits of even lower fees and transaction times! This is aimed at the main stream market where an expected 100 million in transaction fees. Aeon is currently lower in value to Monero but has been slowly climbing up the ranks of most valued coin.


Where can I buy Aeon?


Currently, the safest way to AEON via exchange is through bittrex which allows for safe transactions with a buy book which has the best prices for the coin at the given moment.


This is a guest article