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I’ve spent the last few weeks watching some of the more popular cryptocurrency traders, analysts, tipsters, and insiders. I looked at what seemed to be the 30 most popular profiles based on their names popping up on Reddit, Telegram groups, Twitter stats and actual recommendations. These are the 6 I like most, and for various […]

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First Cryptocurrency Cafe in Dublin Opens its Doors to the Public

The first cryptocurrency coffee shop has been opened in Dublin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts that want to spend their cryptocurrencies now they can do it while enjoying a good quality coffee. The crypto-coffee shop accepts Litecoin (LTC) and Ether (ETH). Crypto Café in Dublin Cryptocurrency investments have been spreading during the last years. Several places in the […]


Bitfinex Moves Massive Amounts of Ether to Single Wallet

On an unexpected turn, recent ETH trades on the Bitfinex exchange have shown massive amounts of ether being transferred to a single wallet, supposedly belonging to a hacker and/or Bitfinex themselves. We urge anyone trading ETH to withdraw immediately. Details regarding the situation are currently vague as to what is happening and the source of […]