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First Cryptocurrency Cafe in Dublin Opens its Doors to the Public

The first cryptocurrency coffee shop has been opened in Dublin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts that want to spend their cryptocurrencies now they can do it while enjoying a good quality coffee. The crypto-coffee shop accepts Litecoin (LTC) and Ether (ETH). Crypto Café in Dublin Cryptocurrency investments have been spreading during the last years. Several places in the […]


Thailand Bans Banks from Operating with Cryptocurrencies Until New Regulations Are Approved

Thailand has been taking important measures to regulate the cryptocurrency market. This time, the central bank has issued an order that orders banks and other financial organizations to stop all operations with digital currencies. According to a local news source, banks are not able to invest in cryptocurrencies, selling them or having any relations with […]

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IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde, Says Cryptocurrency Regulations Are Inevitable

The cryptocurrency world has been increasing its presence in the society. Initial Coin Offerings have also been expanding as well as different cryptocurrencies. Enterprises, businesses, investors and individuals have been involved in this exciting market. Governments have been analyzing it trying to decide whether to implement regulations or not. International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine […]


BitGrail Exchange Hacked – 17m Nano stolen

BitGrail has officially confirmed the hacking and theft of 17 million Nano from their exchange. The missing Nano is valued at approximately USD $170m. The Nano Core team, however, disagrees. The Hack While there is no real information on a real hack, an interesting and controversial theory has popped up. In an official statement from the […]


IOTA Ecosystem Announced

Coming in March, the IOTA Ecosystem will be a platform that houses developers, startups, hobbyists, and initiatives who are working on products or services related to IOTA.   Purpose of the IOTA Ecosystem The intended purpose of the ecosystem is to establish a home for all IOTA community members who are contributing resources to IOTA. […]