Telegram & Blockchain: 2018 Updates Expected

  Telegram, the cloud-based instant messaging platform, has its focus on security and neutrality among nations when it comes to freedom of speech and press through the platform itself, as co-founder and CEO Pavel Durov has strongly made known to its users on Twitter. Its recent public announcement excites many users and reveals its long-term […]

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Questioning Tether’s Deficit: Updates

Some numbers over at Tether haven’t been adding up. Tether last released their redacted report in September 2017. Their supply at that point (from the report) accounted for was $442,984,592. Earlier, at the time of the hack from November (around the 19th), there was a total of $644,841,161 in coin supply, making a gaping difference […]

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Researching New ICOs

In 2017, cryptocurrencies have seen an over-exaggerated increase in popularity which is evident on social media. Celebrities, innovators, politicians and most of the community have begun to publicly advertise and criticize cryptocurrencies on social media. As an active trader and crypto enthusiast it is my duty to caution newcomers about scams, thus I wish to […]

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Aeon: Ready For The Next Level?

Aeon, the lightweight mobile cryptocurrency has made headlines once again. Previously the coin made headlines due to its award winning mobile infrastructure beating conventional speed tests. The coin was tested against other cryptonotes such as ByteCoin and DashCoin at a rate of 100:2. Today Aeon is set to make headlines in multiple news outlets, as […]