Very rarely is said that cryptocurrencies’ fanbase and developers are loyal to the coin. They may be loyal to the profits that come from the coin but rarely from the coin itself. The developers of Arctic coin have been moving this coin forward in ways not thought of before. Many coins have tried to earn the level of devotion that Arctic Coin has managed to achieve has been phenomenal in many ways. The Arctic token is an international currency based out of Russia, whose team started in the Moscow and have worked their coin into a staple of global cryptocurrency.

Rifa22 commented on Rajulnoram’s article,

“Personally, I have invested in ArcticCoin and making 2 cents on 20,000 coins is just the beginning. Outside of the masternode feature, the Arctic developers have a lot of interesting concepts and ideas planned in the near future.“  

Other followers have been more critical toward the coin stating that while it has the ability to overtake smaller markets it has quite a bit to go before it can start to challenge bigger competitors in the market. While this is maybe this is the case, it has not stopped said followers from religiously buying Arctic coin. Right now, the Arctic Token is one of the most profitable masternode tokens in terms of yield and ROI. One master node can produce between 6 – 10 tokens per day.  

While I do believe it has a long way to go, knowing Arctic’s team is on the clock 24/7 making and pushing new code to the coin making it constantly on top and fast transaction wise.”

The Devs
While developers of ArcticCoin are well known in the cryptocurrency development community, their team has overcome great difficulty from disagreements in their formative years. Through great collaboration and hard work they are now known as some of the most loyal programmers in the cryptocurrency game.

The Fanbase and Investors

The ArcticCoin network has seen an exponential growth; people of all parts of the world have begun adopting it due to the many ways that it continuously  integrates and expands  a secure and private form of payment and it’s smaller chain size.  For example, look at Cryptopia… ArticCoin went from a volume of 14.4BTC to over 200BTC, people are really buying into this project.


All in all, ArcticCoin is here to stay, it’s widespread adoption and great development team make it something that’ll outlast the many cryptocurrencies on the market and the many yet to come.

PS: Take a look at their roadmap on the page below.