Arctic Coin (ARC) is a secure, privacy oriented cryptocurrency which offers mixed and non-mixed coin transactions. It is an up and comer coin with a rising market volume and growth in investors over the past few months. It offers two forms of revenue streams outside of just the value of currency. These are something to keep in mind if you are interested in a passive income model. Mining, which is using your computers processing power to do complex mathematical problems to generate (mine) coins (Proof of Work). The secondary form of passive income which is possible is GoldMining, which is basically proof of stake, where you get paid for holding 1000 ARC on a single account.

Now you maybe thinking something along the lines of “This coin claims the same thing as all of the others” or “Doesn’t ‘XYZ’ Coin offer something similar.” Well, you wouldn’t be wrong in asking the tough questions first, and the answers exist for this growing Altcoin. While other coins do claim security, the level of privacy they offer can be questioned down to built-in mixers and loyal developers. With the observable way governments have been moving toward forcing backdoors in encrypted technologies, it is practically a requirement to have developers that are not only loyal to the coin but also have the integrity not to push through questionable code. The developers who peer review the code are also of vital importance to the value and reliability of the coin, with larger coins the feasibility of a developer catching an issue with a large amount of not analyzed pushes a day is very unlikely. The fact that ARC has developers and peer reviewers with the integrity and accountability which is not present in the huge development processes of other coins allows for the value to be large while still having the reliability and security be without compromise.

Getting Started

Now getting started with ARC is very easy, currently, one of the trusted exchanges holding the coin right now is Cryptopia a reliable exchange which does BTC/ARC trades. You can read a guide on how to get BTC here. You can then go to your Cryptopia Deposit Page and deposit your BTC. Please Ensure you are depositing into a BTC address, a small test deposit is a good way to make sure you are not sending it to the wrong address.

Now that you have your BTC on Cryptopia you can go to the exchange page and purchase coins by clicking on a sell order and clicking buys. How you choose to plan out your purchasing is up to you as an individual investor.

How to Mine?

If you are interested in mining with ARC, you’ve come to the right place! The difficulty level (which affects how many coins are produced by your mining setup). While more expensive complex mining rigs exist which make large profits. A starter mining setup which can be built upon can make the miner a healthy profit. Now don’t quit your job and buy a ticket for Honolulu just yet… you need to setup your miner.

Before you setup your miner you need to setup an Arctic Wallet which you can download here

After it has downloaded and caught up with the entire blockchain (it’ll have a little progress bar at the bottom). You can continue

Now Arctic Coin offers mining for Windows and Linux out of the box while users of OSX have to build from source. That just is not profitable unless you have 10+GHS on your board.

We will be using BFGMiner as group mining is vastly more profitable than single mining in most cases.

Step One: Download BFGMiner

Download BFGMiner here

Step Two: Open BFGMiner

In the file, you just downloaded open the application called BFGMiner

Open BFGMiner

Step Three: Add Target

Here you can add the information requested by the ARC Mining server.

To connect to this P2Pool node simply point your miner at:

Insert Info


Username: Your Payout Address

Password: x

Step Four: Add Miner (CPU in this case)

Click the “M” Key then the plus button and type “all” and you are set!