Setting Up BFGMiner with Eobot

While CPU Mining is not as profitable as it once was (if at all profitable) there is still the joy of providing hashing power to a pool and earning some pennies that makes it worth it.

Today I will be demonstrating how to add the Eobot Mining Pool to BFGMiner.

Step One: Download BFGMiner

Download BFGMiner here or for those who dislike links : bfgminer.org

Step Two: Open BFGMiner

In the file you just downloaded open the application called BFGMiner

Step Three: Add Target

Go to https://www.eobot.com/poolinfo or click here  to get your pool info. For this we will be using sha mining but scrypt will work the same.

In BFG Miner when it asks you for a target copy and paste the pool server:

Then paste login info:

Step Four: Add Miner (CPU in this case)

Click the “M” Key then the plus button and type “all” and you are set!

Rasikh :

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  • Hi, thanks for this awesome info. I'll like to ask which coins would you recommend to be mined with CPU as described above? Of course they'll have to be coins with low mining difficulty. Kindly recommend specific coins. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers

    • During the time of the writing of this article, this form of cryptocurrency investment was the most profitable form of investment through CPU. While I highly recommend setting up a Master Node (read other articles). Doing shared mining with Eobot as mentioned in this article will give you the same returns as it is all mined to the standard of the GHS clock within eobot and given in the currency of choice. So identify how much your computer generates with eobot and set it to a coin that is slated for a rise such as RNS, ARC, DASH and of Course the ever growing BTC