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Earn Bitcoin: Lending

Bitcoin is a type of money. Many forget that simple fact, it maybe revolutionary, phenomenal and ground breaking but its still money. You most likely already know the many things you can do with money, so today I’m going to be  a bit repetitive and tell you some of the places you can lend money


BTCJAM is one of the two major choices for bitcoin lending. Its one of the less scammy lending sites (there are still a LOT of scammers on there) and has business pretty much everywhere in the world (EXCEPT USA). Stick to lending to borrowers with ratings A or B and you should be kind of safe (Disclaimer and stuff)

  • Bitbond

My returns on Bitbond has not been that good but they have a good interface and a semi-good method of helping you use their investment platform

Warnings: DO NOT USE AUTO-INVEST you will most likely lose all your money. I am not responsible for losses under these tips but I will gladly take credit for any success stories. 

Rasikh :

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I just tried signing up on both sites but it doesn't seem like it's working. Are Nigerians not allowed there?

    • It is quite likely that due to your country people may not allow for you to do business on those sites. I recommend looking into long term investments if you can and the top 50 rule that we will be writing about soon.