Cloud Mining is the act of renting space on a miner’s rig in order to get a share of the revenue earned by said miner. The method stated below will show you how to get BTC in a constant stream with no investment.

Background Info: is a reputable cloud mining service that has been around for since early 2014 and has given consistent payments and support without fail.

Step One: Create an Eobot Account

The first step of course is creating an account on Eobot.

Here are the registration links:

Vanity URL – I make a bit if you use this!

Non-Vanity URL – 🙂

Step Two: Setting Up an income Stream and CONGRATS YOU GET 1 DOGE is very friendly, they will give you 1 Doge (practically nothing) just for logging in every day! Set your miner in the right hand corner to GHS (The biggest number at the time). You currently have no mining power (GHS) so you are not making anything.

Under the products tab there is a tab called Faucet which will give you a set amount of GHS (not much) BUT by mining your own GHS you can increase your mining power.

Step Three: Wait…

Now that you have your GHS growing, wait a few days before switching to diversify and mining whatever currency you want + GHS.

Mining BTC is hard now a days, so mining something easier such as doge and then converting to BTC is a lot more profitable. The exchange rate 5% which is good because they have no withdrawal fees.