Reinvigorating Privacy-First Privacy Coins, Introducing ZCoin Classic

In the ever-changing environment that is blockchain, security and privacy are paramount with community and choice following soon after in both importance and trust.   When looking at security and privacy, the Zerocoin protocol is one of the few protocols that have remained constant and unbroken in the everchanging cryptocurrency landscape with different iterations and Continue Reading

Why Mining Consulting And Development Planning is Necessary for A Successful Mining Farm

What is Cryptocurrency Mining To put it simply, Cryptocurrency Mining involves the verification, storage and securing of cryptocurrency transactions. As cryptocurrencies function without a ‘middleman’ (so to speak) to verify transactions, this function is carried out by the Cryptocurrency miners. Now unlike traditional currency, cryptocurrencies cannot be printed and new cryptocurrencies therefore have to be Continue Reading

Avoiding Common Scams In The OTC Market

The Unregulated Over-The-Counter (OTC) Market Typically an Over-The-Counter (OTC) market is a decentralized virtual marketplace where financial products such as bonds, equities and currencies can be traded. In an OTC market or otherwise known as “Pink Sheets” there is no centralized structure or location perse and traders engage in exchange transactions via a number of Continue Reading

How Blockchain Can Help the Homeless

How Blockchain Can Help the Homeless Blockchain has already established its use cases in a number of worthy causes. Helping refugees, and reducing poverty in the developing world to name a few. Now, blockchain is also proving its value to vulnerable people closer to home. Several cities are now running blockchain-based initiatives to help the Continue Reading

What is Stox? (STX) | A Beginner’s Guide

What is Stox? (STX) | A Beginner’s Guide What is Stox? Stox is a blockchain prediction market build on the Ethereum platform. It offers participants the ability to predict the outcomes of events in almost any imaginable category. Harnessing the power of the “wisdom of the crowd” combined with individual intuition, participants can make predictions Continue Reading

A Complete Guide to Bitcoin Casinos

A Complete Guide to Bitcoin Casinos There are a number of bitcoin casinos emerging to offer new gambling options for players around the world. While bitcoin casinos are relatively new, they have already begun to drastically change the landscape of online casinos. Now, we’ll look at how bitcoin casinos can become the future of online Continue Reading

Viberate Crypto | A Beginners Guide

Viberate Crypto | A Beginners Guide Viberate crypto is an Ethereum-based decentralized talent ecosystem for live music. It connects artists, fans, talent management agencies and event organizers all together on the same platform. The live music industry has been dominated for a long time by a few leading management companies who control the vast majority of Continue Reading